How to raise funds for your school? With Head Lice!

You’ve read it right. Head Lice is the key to raising funds or giving back to your school.
At Lice Clinics of America San Diego, we’d like to help our community as much as possible and we know that head lice are not fun. Our Head Tops Education program will give the schools $5 for every child treated at our clinic.
If you’re a principle, teacher, part of the PTA or just a concerned parent that wants to help the school, contact us to set up this program.
How does it work?
Lice is an urgent matter. Kids get lice, it happens. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we are here to help. Bring your child or refer the kid to our center and we’ll take care of it immediately. After the child or any member of the family has been treated we’ll give them a voucher to turn to the school’s PTA (or designated fund raiser person) and they will receive $5!
Why Lice Clinics of America – San Diego?
Lice Clinics of America San Diego treats lice differently. treating head lice infestations can be hazardous as the most important part is to take off the nits (eggs). We use the AirAlle device that dehydrates the lice & eggs through heated air. Then we do a comb-out and apply a topic rinse for an extra layer of protection.