Family gatherings and Head Lice

Family gatherings are always a reason for happiness and joy. But when it comes to Head Lice it can ruin all the fun. Family gatherings and head lice are often intertwined and become a difficult issue to solve.

Family gatherings and head lice. What to do?

1. The best thing to do is to get screened before attending any family gatherings. At home, use a fine tooth comb to separate the hair in layers. Use a magnifying glass to look at the hair and spot any nits (lice eggs)

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2. If you know that one of you has lice and has not been treated avoid head to head contact. Also beware of common areas such as couches where lice may fall and crawl to another head.

3. If someone needs a treatment make sure they receive a professional head lice removal treatment. If you do an over the counter treatment, have in mind the eggs are always alive after that and they will eventually hatch if not removed from the head. Even when we have done a treatment at home, it is recommended to use preventative lice products to help avoid any possible infestations.

4. Let your family know. We know is not the best thing to share but is the most caring thing to do. We want to avoid the stigma as much as possible while we let everyone know in case they also need to be treated or screened. Sharing your experience can bring you and your family together more than you think!

5. Re-screen after the gathering to make sure you’re free of lice. Sometimes we are unaware or have missed the signs and we find ourselves with the problem. If that’s the case, contact one of our clinicians to get treated for lice removal as soon as possible!

Lice Clinics of America offers an easy, safe and fast solution to head lice. We want your family to be #HAPPY before, during and after the holidays. If you have any cases or suspect lice, come on in and we’ll help you out! We are only closed for Christmas Day so we’ll be able to help you anytime before and after that!!