Ready for Halloween?

Ready for Halloween? We are officially in the month of Halloween! This October will be themed with scary faces, ideas to dress up and candy. We wanted to have a head start and give you some creative ideas to dress your children up as well as making sure they are not on a sugar high.


Creative Ideas to Dress Up

If your child is looking for ideas, the most resourceful page you will find will be Pinterest. It will also help you find alternatives to buying expensive dress up costumes that will only be good for one week. Children will definitely have ideas from their favorite movies like The Incredibles, Spiderman, Captain America or Coco. In this instance we wanted to share with you an easy way to prepare for face paint if your child wants to be Coco this year.

1.Start by delineating the eyes and nose with black face pencil. Then apply a coat of white face paint.

2. Apply red and black paint onto the eyes and make a daisy shape on the outsides

3. Finish up by being creative with the swirls!

How to avoid the sugar high?

We all know the favorite part of Halloween for our kids is going trick or treating. We also know those days can end in our children being stomach sick or running around like crazy due to the amount of candy they eat. What can we do to avoid the sugar high?

1. Limit the intake to 3/4 candies a day. if your child is young, take their candy and ration every day a little bit. make it a fun game to see how long it lasts!

2. Talk to your child. We know it’s probably hard to convince them but explain why it’s best to keep sugar to a limit and how much more enjoyable it will be if they take a bit every day and not get sick.

3. Find sugar free or low sugar candy to distribute to the neighborhood. Most of those candies taste the same and all moms will be grateful for it!

Our hope is that you have a stress free Halloween with easy and budget oriented ideas for your kids to have fun. Have a spooky and safe Halloween!