Lice Life Cycle

Lice Life Cycle

Being aware of the life cycle of head lice is a essential step in knowing how to correctly treat head lice infestations and what your expectations should be on the different type of lice removal treatments you use.

Lice Eggs or Nits

It all starts off as eggs ( also referred to as lice nits). Those eggs are securely glued to the hair shaft approximately a quarter inch from your scalp. Due to a very protective shell that they have, eggs are very resistant to many lice treatments and products that use suffocation, essential oils and pesticides as a way of killing the head lice. This very reason is why lice shampoos and other similar products usually require an additional treatment a week or more later to treat any new lice that has hatched. This is also the reason why it is very difficult to remove them from the hair and why you will need multiple comb-outs to ensure eradication.

The lice eggs are secured good enough to the hair that they can withstand a lot. This includes fingers, brushes, hair washing, everyday activities and more. However if used properly, a lice comb can be a highly effective way of removing lice eggs.

One of the extreme benefits of using a dehydration product like AirAlle to treat head lice is the high 99.2 percent effectiveness at killing lice eggs.


Between eight or nine days into the lice life cycle, a nymph will develop from the egg. The Nymphs are extremely small and remain very close to the scalp where they feed. Nymphs spend 9-12 days developing into adult lice, at which stage they can reproduce. Nymphs typically don’t spread from head to head.

Lice on a Dime


An adult louse is about the size of a sesame seed, they travel further along the hair than nymphs, which definitely means they have a higher risk of falling off the hair, or climbing onto another head host through head to head contact.

Adults live up to 30 days on their host, and the females lay eggs approximately 3-5 times a day or about 88 eggs in their lifetime. The infestation begins when a female louse gets transferred to a host’s head and stars laying eggs.

Lice Clinics Of America

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