5 Interesting Facts About Lice

1.      Lice don´t JUMP… or fly… or hop…they crawl. Unlike many people´s beliefs, lice don´t jump from head to head. They are really fast crawlers and just being shoulder to shoulder, or a strain of hair is enough for them to travel from one head to another.

2.      Lice don´t DISCRIMINATE. They don´t care about age, race, economic  background or even hygiene. They actually prefer clean (!!) heads.

3.      Human Lice don´t spread to animals. Pets have their own lice. Don´t worry about your dogs, cats or even hamsters getting lice 🙂

4.      Lice have been around since the caveman. They are not a new infestation but they are more resilient than before and they are not easily killed!

5.      1 on every 20 kids has lice. U.S. children miss 12 to 24 MILLION days of school each year due to head lice.

Killing head lice can be a nightmare.  Killing adult lice is way easier than removing the nits that according to some experts, are becoming resistant to most of the chemicals used in several of the over the counter treatments.  If you miss a few nits, these will hatch and start the infestation again.

At Lice Clinics of America San Diego, we offer a pain-free, fast one time appointment to kill head lice. Our medical device is FDA cleared and has clinically proven to kill over 99% of lice eggs through heated air. It´s one and done, just in one hour and we have a re-treatment policy!*