How do I treat a Head Lice infestation?

You just found out your child or you have lice. Your first impulse may be to run to the pharmacy and get one of the over the counter treatments or use home remedies you found online or heard from a friend. We would like to save you time and money before you decide to remove lice by yourself. Trust us, we get many calls each week from moms that are going exactly through the same overwhelming problem. We understand you want to take care of your kid’s lice problem. It shouldn’t be too hard, right? Well it may not be very difficult but it is actually a very tiring and frustrating experience.

Recognizing lice and its symptoms

You first need to recognize what lice look like and what the common signs are. Scratching can be a symptom but not everybody scratches. Itchiness is an allergic reaction to the bug’s saliva and some children start scratching only after weeks from having the first bug. You may see some nits (lice eggs) that are firmly glued to the hair shaft close to the scalp (no farther than half an inch). The viable ones are usually dark brown. The white ones can be mistaken as dandruff, but the eggs cannot be as easily removed. Most likely you will find the nits first, adult bugs move really fast and are more difficult to spot.

Treating lice & nits

Now you are certain that there is a lice infestation. Be assured that the only way to take care of it for good is by killing the nits.  If you do this by yourself, you need to be absolutely certain you remove every single one of the tiny eggs. If you miss one, it will hatch again and recreate the infestation. Removing all nits is a tricky thing as there is a big chance of human error. You would need to be able to comb out the hair every day for at least ten days. Have in mind that long or curly hair will become even more difficult to comb out. You will have to apply dimethicone oil treatment every few days to suffocate any bugs before they lay eggs. Take in consideration that most over the counter treatments or shampoos have either toxic pesticides or chemicals and even the prescription pill doesn’t kill the nits. According to some experts, lice are becoming resistant to many treatments.

Our Head Lice Removal Treatment in San Diego

Lice Clinics of America uses the FDA cleared AirAllé™ device, the only treatment option available that is clinically proven to kill 99%+ of the nits. The treatment will kill lice in one single session, using non-toxic products and in just one hour!.