What are some healthy and easy snack ideas for kids?

What are some healthy and easy snack ideas for kids?

Life can get so busy with soccer practice, homework, games on the weekends and let’s not forget karate and basketball. It can be so hard to feed your kids healthy snacks especially when you are always on the go. We know how hard it can be especially if your kids are picky eaters and don’t want to eat carrots or celery sticks. Let us give you some fun and easy ideas to make your snacks something your kids can’t resist.

Let’s start with snacks for the day time.

Slicing an apple to create mini apple pizzas are great because the kids can put peanut butter or apple sauce on them and top these apple pizza’s with granola or other types of fruit. Ritz crackers or Triskets are a great start to any snack time. You can easily add some cream cheese or jam to these crackers to spice things up a bit. You can also use an artichoke dip or a cheese dip to help add some extra flavor to this bite size treats. Carrots are something we wish all of our kids would eat but without all of the extra sauces they like to use but if you slice whole carrots into chips and bake them, add a little salt and you have a healthy alternative to your regular potato chips.


Dessert here we come.

All children love dessert and always ask for that scoop of ice-cream or brownie after their dinner, but what if there was a way to make a tasty dessert but just a bit healthier. A banana boat is a wonderful way to start off, slice a banana long way and put some chocolate or some marshmallows in the middle. Maybe your kids like something cold in their tummies well try some frozen yogurt. Pull out some ice trays and fill them with yogurt and add some fruit in the middle maybe a blueberry or strawberry.