How to help your child overcome bullying

How to help your child overcome bullying

Bullying is something that a lot of children endure in school or on the playground and something that can be a cause of this is head lice. Millions of children and their families have been affected by lice but even so people feel embarrassed or worried when they discover that they have lice. Lice can be a hard thing to explain but its important to tell your children that its completely normal to be affected by lice and that most likely their friends have had it before as well.

How common is Lice?

Any estimated 10 million people a year get lice most of whom are children. It’s important to tell your child that they probably got lice from someone else which means they are not alone and they are not the source of it. 90% of cases are contracted by head to head contact or close contact from another person. Lice is easily transferable and is highly contagious so if you do have lice its important to get it treated right away.

Information is key to understand head lice and normalize it so that together we can break the stigma of head lice and have it not be a cause of bullying. What should you know?

How to treat it?

The majority of lice these days have become resistant to the over the counter treatments and with the over the counter treatments you have to do it multiple times and spend hours combing out every tiny nit or egg out of the hair.

When you are affected with lice we are here to help you at Lice Clinics of America our treatment is non-toxic and has no pesticides making it completely safe for your family. Even better it is 99% effective with a one time treatment we will eradicate the lice.

How do lice spread?

Mostly through head to head contact. It can also be present in fabrics (clothing, furniture, etc) or on hair accessories. Make sure you catch infestations right away and take care of your environment as much as your child”s hair.

Lice clinics of America has information on cleaning your surroundings to achieve best results!