Head Lice – when can we expect to see them most?

Fall season is here and with that we want to think that the lice nightmare is over. Unfortunately, cooler weather temperatures do not necessarily mean less lice. Head Lice like to live close to the human scalp at a temperature around 95-98F (most human bodies run at that temperature).

Our biggest advice is to be educated on how to prevent lice so that as moms we will know what to do. Here’s a few tips on lice prevention:

1. Put your child’s hair up on a pony tale or braid to avoid easy hair to hair contact.

2. Inform your child to not share brushes, hats or jackets with his/her friends.

3. Be aware of the most common lice symptoms: itchiness, restless sleep, etc.

4. Check your child’s hair regularly.

5. Be prepared! If you suspect they have lice or you see alive bugs, seek professional help. Avoid spending countless hours combing out or spending money on Over the Counter products that not always work…

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