5 reasons not to use over the counter products for Head Lice Removal

When it comes to head lice removal, it’s tempting to just go to the store and buy a do it yourself kit… but is that really a smart choice? Here are 5 reasons that you should know before making that choice:

1. Chemicals: most of the over the counter (OTC) products have harsh chemicals that can cause severe irritation on your eyes and skin.

2. Follow ups: because the OTC products are only effective with the adult bugs, they typically suggest at least two repetitions in order to kill the possible eggs that you may have left and that will hatch again.

3. Effectiveness: Head lice have become resilient to some of the products in the market.

4.Countless comb-out hours: as mentioned before, OTC don’t kill the eggs so you will have to spend hours combing the hair strand by strand and making sure you don’t miss any eggs (nits) as they will inevitably hatch and re infest you all over again.

5. Pricing: altough at first it may seem attractive (cheaper) to buy OTC products, if you think about the re-applications you’ll need and the time you’ll spend combing out and delousing the house after every treatment, the price ends up being much more than you first expected.

At Lice Clinics of America we offer affordable, effective and professional Head Lice Removal treatments. We use the medical device, AirAlle, that dehydrates nits & lice in one hour! Find out more about our services here.