Fathers Day – Dads are So Important

Fathers Day – Dads are So Important

Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day
This Father’s Day is the best time to show your dad how much you care and love him. Instead of giving dad the traditional gifts, why not give him something different that he will truly cherish forever. Make this special day for him and show him that you planned his day special according to him. Here are
some amazing ideas for your dad to enjoy!

A Note of Appreciation
Showing him how much you respect, appreciate and love him in a nice thank-you note would truly make his day. You can also make a short family video thanking him for his emotional and moral support.

Relieve the Pressure
Give your dad the ultimate stress free day, free of any kind of pressure. Make sure that he is fully relaxed without any deadlines hassle free.
Bring him snacks, meals, drinks and let him enjoy his day doing what he loves.

Quality Time
Make this Father’s Day the best opportunity to drop your busy plans and give the quality time as a gift. You can enjoy a walk, camping,
fishing or a picnic at a beautiful park sharing your favorite stories and laughs.

A Nice Gift of Choice

Ask dad what he wants to do for the day and exactly how he wants to do it! Let him go to a game if he loves sports, or going fishing, bbq or a
gift that he has been wanting forever.

Play Genie and Make His Dreams Come True
If there is anything that your dad has wanted to do for a long time, you can arrange it. His favorite restaurant or a shopping spree. You may
have a little splurging to do, but it will be so worth it to see him indulge like he deserves.

LCA Wishes You a Happy Father’s Day!
Above all, your appreciation and love is the best gift on Earth for your dad. You are his greatest gift, happiness and joy. We wish you the most
memorable day with your family and hope you enjoy some of these helpful tips for dad!