San Diego Summer Camps

San Diego Summer Camps

San Diego Summer Camps are bound to be one of the biggest highlights of your children’s summer! Picking the right one to best fit your child may be a bit hard to decide on, but this blog will show you a variety with highlights of each.


Camp Fire is located among a 7.5- acre reserve in the infamous Balboa Park giving your curious youth much exploring to do. Camp Fire has been serving children since 1910 giving them a secure place to grow and become one with the great outdoors.  Their belief is that when your children get the chance to experience the outdoors and work with the community, they learn to respect nature and themselves even more.


This amazing camp located out of La Jolla has been providing campers of all ages with the most incredible memories. Camp Jaycee prides itself in a very diverse environment where your children can meet children of all races, religions and nationalities. With an Olympic-size pool, 500-seat David & Dorothea Garfield Theatre, Gotthelf Dance Studio, Royston Science Lab, The Lush Edgar Berner Family Ball Fields and the Hutler Tennis Courts as a part of the camping experience your child will be fully entertained!


Do your children love the water? Or want to try something new and exciting? The Watersports Camp is the ultimate treat for your campers as it is located at Associated Students of SDSU and UCSD Recreation’s Mission Bay Aquatic Center and is sponsored by the YMCA of San Diego. This camp is full of education focusing on enriching your children’s environment in a fun, safe and high quality camping experience. The activities will include: Waterboarding & Waterskiing, Surfing, Sailing, Paddle Sports, Marine Science, Intro to Watersports (ages 6-8), Windsurfing and Afternoon Multisport Camp.


A Lice Free Summer

A lice free summer is a good summer, so let’s be safe. If you screen early and often, you can ultimately prevent an infestation from going too far and spreading to others. We offer head screenings before and after camp.  Our treatmentis  the easiest one and done head lice treatment that is over 99% effective. Our Air Alle’ Treatment uses controlled heated air that is specifically tailored to kill all stages of lice in a safe way.

More and more families are struggling with head lice for weeks and months using the over the counter treatments. Lice Clinics of America can guarantee that you will go home lice free. We will also give all kinds of helpful information on how to help your family remain lice-free! Give us a call at 858-249-8337 and contact us now.