Can my pet get head lice?

Can your pet get head lice?

When you find out that your children or yourself have lice it can be an overwhelming experience with so many questions. The laundry along with cleaning the rest of the house, the brushes, the hair ties…. You may wonder if you will have to treat your pet with something as well. Luckily, pets cannot get lice. Cats, Dogs even birds are not susceptible to catching human head lice. Human head lice is a different species and can’t be transmitted to animals so if your child has lice and the family dog or cat jumps on them don’t worry, they cannot get lice.

Lice is however a very contagious issue and even though its not life threatening and doesn’t carry and illnesses or diseases it can be very uncomfortable if left untreated. Lice can cause extreme itchiness and if you scratch at your head or neck it can cause your skin to become very irritated and red. There can also be bumps and bite marks on the nape of your neck. When your scratch a lot you can cause those bites to bleed or become open wounds which can get infected.

Its important that when you are aware that you or a family member has lice that you get it treated right away not only for your own health but lice is very contagious so it can easily be spread to other members of the family or friends.

Lice Clinics of America is here to help and will treat you and your family quickly and easily. We do an FDA cleared heated air treatment that is all natural and 99% effective. When lice enters your house hold Lice Clinics of America is here to remove it.