Lice Frenzy! – Prevention is key

Lice Frenzy! – Prevention is key – In all of my experience as a Lice Removal Technician, I must say I’ve seen it all! When it goes around its feels like the plague and spreads from bestie to bestie, child to parents, sibling to sibling and hug to hug! From what Iv’e seen, the average person gets the “itchies” around week 2 or so, but for some- they never experience itching at all, making the run time of their lice discovery a little prolonged! So with that being said, you can NEVER go wrong doing a few things to prevent lice and check for lice regularly right?!

STOP IT before it starts

Check yourself, family or friends by using one of our affordable professional grade lice combs! Make sure the hair is detangled and start by placing the comb at your hairline next to your right ear and gently comb along the scalp all the way to the back to your neck. Repeat this pattern slightly overlapping your last row each time until you make your way to the left ear and……(drum rollll) your DONE! Never mind any white hair product or dandruff that may come out on your comb, what we are looking for is crawlers! This process should take about 5 minutes guys and my suggestion, mom to mom, is once a week! Come down to one of our local offices and grab some of our preventative sprays, shampoos or combs, it will certainly be well worth it!

Lice Clinics of America has your families back!

Many families visit us simply to have us check for those “just in case” moments, “false alarm” moments or those “lice” moments. Sometimes our heads itch due to stress, weather, change, hair products etc. Our fabulous LCA technicians are here to ease your mind every time. We are your one stop shop and we always keep it cost friendly, because after all….we are moms too and understand more than ever!